July 11, 2022

[What's Non-Fungible Tokyo?]
Discuss the future of NFT beyond the border.

This conference is the fourth in a series, starting with the  Tokyo Blockchain Game Conference, which was held for the first time in Japan in 2018. Although we have been working to promote NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and develop a healthy industry from the early stage, as the market has rapidly expanded from 2021, discussions about the future of NFT  have suddenly begun.

There is no border

We will hold an event in two spaces, both real and virtual this year, the event also will be broadcasting on Youtube.

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At What Time?

Today, what started as a small conference has turned into the unmissable rendez-vous for product people.

First Day
June 10, 2021
Second Day
June 11, 2021
12.00 am - 12.20 pm
Opening Talk
Speaker: Hironao Kunimitsu (gumi Inc.)
12.25 pm - 12.55 pm
Fresh Crypto Artist talk session
- About digital and analogue artworks
- As an artist, discussing about the contemporary art world, the design industry and the crypto industry.
- NFT art that goes beyond digital.
Speaker: NY / Mari Asada (MiraCreative) / TOUNNE (XR Animation Artist) / Jangdeok Ko (Smartapp Inc./ Moderator)
01.05 pm - 01.35 pm
NFT for Japanese Crypto companies
- What is an NFT to crypto exchanges?
- What is the relationship between marketplaces and exchanges?
- How the exchange will deal with NFTs (including the various social and legal rules)
Speaker: Ryo Tanaka (LVC Corporation) / Kensuke Amo (CoinCheck) / Misato Takahashi (Mercari, Inc.)/ Sokia Tamara (Crypto journalist/Moderator)
01.35 pm - 01.50 pm
Forecast of the Layer2 (First Half)
Speaker: Leona Hioki (ToyCash .Inc) / Aoi Serikawa (no plan inc.) / Ryo Manzoku (double jump.tokyo Inc.) / Taiju Sanagi (BlockBase)
01.55 pm - 02.25 pm
Crypt Art business in Japan
- What does each person think of crypt art?
- How do art, business and NFT fit together?
- What are the possible future business models for crypt art?
Speaker: POiNT (Artists group) / Shoji Fukunaga (Conata) / Kozo Yamada ( Pte. Ltd.
Ryousuke Hamamura (Nokid) / Kota Ozawa (CryptoGames Inc. / /Moderator)
02.25 pm - 02.55 pm
Sponsor session 3, 4
Speaker: Hironobu Ueno (double jump.tokyo Inc.)
03.05 pm - 03.40 pm
Top crypto art and SDGs
- How did you come to use NFT as a medium in your work?
- What do you think of NFT as an artist (existing art and NFT)?
- What can NFT be for artists in the future?
Speaker: Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks) / Yu Ayato (BlockchainPROseed) / Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin/Moderator)
03.45 pm - 04.15 pm
Big IP coming to the NFT business
- What is (or could be) the relationship between existing IP and NFT?
- What are the problems in converting IP to NFT and what needs to be done?
- What kind of business changes will NFT bring to the IP business in the future?
Speaker: Yusuke Ito (Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative / Hakuhodo) / Kazuhiro Mizuno (Quan Inc.) / Hajime Ataka (Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc) / Minoru Yanai (Linker Inc. / Moderator)
04.15 pm - 04.30 pm
Sponsor session 5
Speaker: Mikio Fukai (Mobile Factory)
04.35 pm - 05.05 pm
How game IP and the NFT are changing the future
- What is the difference between the business using existing game IP and the game IP business using NFT?
- How will NFT change game development and marketing?
- The future of gaming IP and game service with NFT
Speaker: Keisuke Hata (SQUARE ENIX) / Mikio Fukai (Mobile Factory, Inc.) / Shumpei Kumagai / Etsusko Horie (SEGA Corporation) / Yukinori Matsuya (double jump.tokyo Inc. / Moderator)
05.05 pm - 05.20 pm
Sponsor session 6
-Will New IP be created from NFT?
Speaker: Kazuhiro Mizuno (Quan)
05.25 pm - 05.55 pm
NFT changing Art business and contents business
- What is the difference between contemporary art and NFT crypt art in your point of view?
- How does NFT art change contemporary art?
Speaker: Taichi Nakamura (Anique) / Tomohiro Nakamura (Startbahn, Inc.) / Tai Iguchi (TRiCERA, Inc.) / Yusuke Shidara (NewEconomy / Moderator)
05.55 pm - 06.10 pm
Forecast of the Layer2 (Second Half)
Speaker: Leona Hioki (ToyCash .Inc) / Aoi Serikawa (no plan inc.) / Ryo Manzoku (double jump.tokyo Inc.) / Taiju Sanagi (BlockBase)
06.15 pm - 06.45 pm
Prospects for content-based dApps services
- Will content service companies increasingly use dApps for their services?
- How can content companies use dApps?
Speaker: Hironobu Ueno (double jump.tokyo Inc.) / Hideki Maeda (Financie) / Kota Ozawa (CryptoGames Inc.) / Takumi Takahashi (Kyuzan Inc.) / Junji Oshita (Moderator)
06.45 pm - 07.15 pm
Crypto artist and crypto collector session
- The connection between CryptoArt and the artist''s own story
- The moment when the drama of CryptoArt is born
Speaker: Aimi Sekiguchi (VR Artist) / Lev (Crypto Art Collector) / Yu Ayato (BlockchainPROseed / Moderator )
07.15 am - 07.25 pm
Ending Talk
Speaker: Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin)
12.00 pm - 12.30 pm
NFT’s, Fine Art & The Future
Speaker: Kenny Schachter (Artist, Curator, Writer, Lecturer) / Kate Vass (Entrepreneur, Art collector) / Kevin Abosh (CryptoArt Pioneer)
12.30 pm - 12.45 pm
Sponsor session 1
Speaker: Skirmantas Januskas (DappRadar.com)
12.50 pm - 01.20 pm
2022 NFT industry forecast
- What does NFT trading look like today?
- How will the NFT market change, driven by the NFT marketplace?
- How will NFTs change in the future and how will they change society?
Speaker: Alex Salnikov (Rarible) / Kayvon Tehranian (Foundation) / Dannie Chu (MakersPlace) / Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin / Moderator) & Minoru Yanai (Linker Inc. / Moderator)
01.20 pm - 01.35 pm
Sponsor session 2
Speaker: Benjamin Rameau (Jenny Metaverse DAO)
01.40 pm - 02.10 pm
backstage of NFT ecosystem evolution
- How has the NFT market changed in the past and present?
- How have NFTs, protocols and token prices been affected each other?
- What are the future changes in the crypto industry that will be impacted by NFT?
Speaker: Skirmantas Januskas (DappRadar.com) / Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild Games) / Steve Lee (BlockTower Capital / Moderator)
02.10 pm - 02.25 pm
Sponsor session 3
Speaker: Sarojini McKenna (Alien Worlds)
02.30 pm - 03.00 pm
Asking the world's top dApps developers dApps gaming industry 2022 forecast
- Will content service companies increasingly use dApps for their services?
- How can content companies use dApps?
Speaker: Sarojini McKenna (Alien Worlds) / Jeffrey Zirlin (Axie Infinity/Sky Mavis) / Matt Solomon (REVV Motorsport) / Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox) / Andrew Fai (DeStation / Moderator)
03.00 pm - 03.15 pm
Sponsor session 4
Speaker: Sean Dudley (Animoca Brands)
03.20 pm - 03.50 pm
The new market build by the collectable NFT
- What is the difference between collectable NFTs and existing collectables?
- What has changed since the introduction of collectible NFTs?
- How will the Collectable NFT generate business in the future?
Speaker: Dan Crothers (Ecomi (VeVe)) / Michael Bramlage (Quidd) / Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs) / Sergei Medvedev (Metashift / Moderator)
03.50 pm - 04.05 pm
Sponsor session 5
Speaker: Suji Yan (Mask Network)
04.10 pm - 04.40 pm
The NFT market from an investor's perspective
- What criteria have been used by investors (VCs) to determine a good NFT company?
- What investors (VCs) consider to be the disruptive elements of NFTs
- What is the future growth potential of the NFT business?
Speaker: Gen Kanai (Animoca Brands) / Ethan Kim (Hashed) / Rui Zhang (gumi Cryptos Capital) / Steve Lee (BlockTower Capital) / Alyssa Tsai (PANONY / Moderator)
04.40 pm - 04.55 pm
Sponsor session 6
Speaker: Dan Crothers (Ecomi (VeVe))
05.00 pm - 05.30 pm
Protocols to accelerate NFT business
- How do you Protocols layer company to support NFT business?
- What are the problems and solutions for NFT businesses?
- How NFT business, art and services will change in the future (and additionally, how you will support it)
Speaker: Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs) / Robbie Ferguson (Immutable) / Witek Radomski (enjin) / Steve Lee (BlockTower Capital / Moderator)
05.30 pm - 05.45 pm
Sponsor session 7
Speaker: Juhee Lee (Pocket Arena by Emoji Games)
05.50 pm - 06.20 pm
What NFT will make the social impact happen
- What are the social activities of your companies / organization using NFT?
- How do social impact and NFT relate to each other and make a difference?
Speaker: Hugo McDonaugh (Cryptograph & MyNFT) / Vanessa Kuang (Binance NFT) / Toshiaki Takase (TART) / Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin / KIZUNA / Moderator)
06.20 pm - 06.35 pm
Sponsor session 8
Speaker: Highstreet Core Team (Travis,Wu , Jenny, Guo , Gary, Mao)
06.40 pm - 07.10 pm
More DAO possibilities realized by NFT
- How to NFT accelerates DAO culture
- When DAO gets POWER?
- Scope of DAO projects in the world
Speaker: Benjamin Rameau (Jenny Metaverse DAO) / Suji Yan (Mask Network) / Yudai Suzuki (Fracton Ventures) / Yu Ayato (BlockchainPROseed / Moderator)
07.15 am - 07.25 pm
Ending Talk
Speaker: Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin)
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