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At What Time?

Today, what started as a small conference has turned into the unmissable rendez-vous for product people.

First Day
June 10, 2021
Second Day
June 11, 2021
12.00 pm - 12.20 pm
Opening Talk
Speaker: Hironao Kunimitsu (gumi Inc.)
12.25 pm - 12.55 pm
Fresh Crypto Artist talk session
- About digital and analogue artworks
- As an artist, discussing about the contemporary art world, the design industry and the crypto industry.
- NFT art that goes beyond digital.
Speaker: NY / Mari Asada (MiraCreative) / TOUNNE (XR Animation Artist) / Jangdeok Ko (Smartapp Inc./ Moderator)
01.05 pm - 01.35 pm
NFT for Japanese Crypto companies
- What is an NFT to crypto exchanges?
- What is the relationship between marketplaces and exchanges?
- How the exchange will deal with NFTs (including the various social and legal rules)
Speaker: Ryo Tanaka (LVC Corporation) / Kensuke Amo (CoinCheck) / Misato Takahashi (Mercari, Inc.)/ Sokia Tamara (Crypto journalist/Moderator)
01.35 pm - 01.50 pm
Forecast of the Layer2 (First Half)
Speaker: Leona Hioki (ToyCash .Inc) / Aoi Serikawa (no plan inc.) / Ryo Manzoku (double jump.tokyo Inc.) / Taiju Sanagi (BlockBase)
01.55 pm - 02.25 pm
Crypt Art business in Japan
- What does each person think of crypt art?
- How do art, business and NFT fit together?
- What are the possible future business models for crypt art?
Speaker: POiNT (Artists group) / Shoji Fukunaga (Conata) / Kozo Yamada ( Pte. Ltd.
Ryousuke Hamamura (Nokid) / Kota Ozawa (CryptoGames Inc. / /Moderator)
02.25 pm - 02.55 pm
Sponsor session 3, 4
Speaker: Speaker: Hironobu Ueno (double jump.tokyo Inc.)
03.05 pm - 03.40 pm
Top crypto art and SDGs
- How did you come to use NFT as a medium in your work?
- What do you think of NFT as an artist (existing art and NFT)?
- What can NFT be for artists in the future?
Speaker: Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks) / Yu Ayato (BlockchainPROseed) / Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin/Moderator)
03.45 pm - 04.15 pm
Big IP coming to the NFT business
- What is (or could be) the relationship between existing IP and NFT?
- What are the problems in converting IP to NFT and what needs to be done?
- What kind of business changes will NFT bring to the IP business in the future?
Speaker: Yusuke Ito (Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative / Hakuhodo) / Kazuhiro Mizuno (Quan Inc.) / Hajime Ataka (Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc) / Minoru Yanai (Linker Inc. / Moderator)
04.15 pm - 04.30 pm
Sponsor session 5
Speaker: Mikio Fukai (Mobile Factory)
04.35 pm - 05.05 pm
How game IP and the NFT are changing the future
- What is the difference between the business using existing game IP and the game IP business using NFT?
- How will NFT change game development and marketing?
- The future of gaming IP and game service with NFT
Speaker: Keisuke Hata (SQUARE ENIX) / Mikio Fukai (Mobile Factory, Inc.) / Shumpei Kumagai / Etsusko Horie (SEGA Corporation) / Yukinori Matsuya (double jump.tokyo Inc. / Moderator)
05.05 pm - 05.20 pm
Sponsor session 6
-Will New IP be created from NFT?
Speaker: Kazuhiro Mizuno (Quan)
05.25 pm - 05.55 pm
NFT changing Art business and contents business
- What is the difference between contemporary art and NFT crypt art in your point of view?
- How does NFT art change contemporary art?
Speaker: Taichi Nakamura (Anique) / Tomohiro Nakamura (Startbahn, Inc.) / Tai Iguchi (TRiCERA, Inc.) / Yusuke Shidara (NewEconomy / Moderator)
05.55 pm - 06.10 pm
Forecast of the Layer2 (Second Half)
Speaker: Leona Hioki (ToyCash .Inc) / Aoi Serikawa (no plan inc.) / Ryo Manzoku (double jump.tokyo Inc.) / Taiju Sanagi (BlockBase)
06.15 pm - 06.45 pm
Prospects for content-based dApps services
- Will content service companies increasingly use dApps for their services?
- How can content companies use dApps?
Speaker: Hironobu Ueno (double jump.tokyo Inc.) / Hideki Maeda (Financie) / Kota Ozawa (CryptoGames Inc.) / Takumi Takahashi (Kyuzan Inc.) / Junji Oshita (Moderator)
06.45 pm - 07.15 pm
Crypto artist and crypto collector session
- The connection between CryptoArt and the artist''s own story
- The moment when the drama of CryptoArt is born
Speaker: Aimi Sekiguchi (VR Artist) / Lev (Crypto Art Collector) / Yu Ayato (BlockchainPROseed / Moderator )
07.15 am - 07.25 pm
Ending Talk
Speaker: Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin)
12.00 pm - 12.30 pm
NFT’s, Fine Art & The Future
Speaker: Kenny Schachter (Artist, Curator, Writer, Lecturer) / Kate Vass (Entrepreneur, Art collector) / Kevin Abosh (CryptoArt Pioneer)
12.30 pm - 12.45 pm
Sponsor session 1
Speaker: Skirmantas Januskas (DappRadar.com)
12.50 pm - 01.20 pm
2022 NFT industry forecast
- What does NFT trading look like today?
- How will the NFT market change, driven by the NFT marketplace?
- How will NFTs change in the future and how will they change society?
Speaker: Alex Salnikov (Rarible) / Kayvon Tehranian (Foundation) / Dannie Chu (MakersPlace) / Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin / Moderator) & Minoru Yanai (Linker Inc. / Moderator)
01.20 pm - 01.35 pm
Sponsor session 2
Speaker: Benjamin Rameau (Jenny Metaverse DAO)
01.40 pm - 02.10 pm
backstage of NFT ecosystem evolution
- How has the NFT market changed in the past and present?
- How have NFTs, protocols and token prices been affected each other?
- What are the future changes in the crypto industry that will be impacted by NFT?
Speaker: Skirmantas Januskas (DappRadar.com) / Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild Games) / Steve Lee (BlockTower Capital / Moderator)
02.10 pm - 02.25 pm
Sponsor session 3
Speaker: Sarojini McKenna (Alien Worlds)
02.30 pm - 03.00 pm
Asking the world's top dApps developers dApps gaming industry 2022 forecast
- Will content service companies increasingly use dApps for their services?
- How can content companies use dApps?
Speaker: Sarojini McKenna (Alien Worlds) / Jeffrey Zirlin (Axie Infinity/Sky Mavis) / Matt Solomon (REVV Motorsport) / Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox) / Andrew Fai (DeStation / Moderator)
03.00 pm - 03.15 pm
Sponsor session 4
Speaker: Sean Dudley (Animoca Brands)
03.20 pm - 03.50 pm
The new market build by the collectable NFT
- What is the difference between collectable NFTs and existing collectables?
- What has changed since the introduction of collectible NFTs?
- How will the Collectable NFT generate business in the future?
Speaker: Dan Crothers (Ecomi (VeVe)) / Michael Bramlage (Quidd) / Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs) / Sergei Medvedev (Metashift / Moderator)
03.50 pm - 04.05 pm
Sponsor session 5
Speaker: Suji Yan (Mask Network)
04.10 pm - 04.40 pm
The NFT market from an investor's perspective
- What criteria have been used by investors (VCs) to determine a good NFT company?
- What investors (VCs) consider to be the disruptive elements of NFTs
- What is the future growth potential of the NFT business?
Speaker: Gen Kanai (Animoca Brands) / Ethan Kim (Hashed) / Rui Zhang (gumi Cryptos Capital) / Steve Lee (BlockTower Capital) / Alyssa Tsai (PANONY / Moderator)
04.40 pm - 04.55 pm
Sponsor session 6
Speaker: Dan Crothers (Ecomi (VeVe))
05.00 pm - 05.30 pm
Protocols to accelerate NFT business
- How do you Protocols layer company to support NFT business?
- What are the problems and solutions for NFT businesses?
- How NFT business, art and services will change in the future (and additionally, how you will support it)
Speaker: Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs) / Robbie Ferguson (Immutable) / Witek Radomski (enjin) / Steve Lee (BlockTower Capital / Moderator)
05.30 pm - 05.45 pm
Sponsor session 7
Speaker: Juhee Lee (Pocket Arena by Emoji Games)
05.50 pm - 06.20 pm
What NFT will make the social impact happen
- What are the social activities of your companies / organization using NFT?
- How do social impact and NFT relate to each other and make a difference?
Speaker: Hugo McDonaugh (Cryptograph & MyNFT) / Vanessa Kuang (Binance NFT) / Toshiaki Takase (TART) / Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin / KIZUNA / Moderator)
06.20 pm - 06.35 pm
Sponsor session 8
Speaker: Highstreet Core Team (Travis,Wu , Jenny, Guo , Gary, Mao)
06.40 pm - 07.10 pm
More DAO possibilities realized by NFT
- How to NFT accelerates DAO culture
- When DAO gets POWER?
- Scope of DAO projects in the world
Speaker: Benjamin Rameau (Jenny Metaverse DAO) / Suji Yan (Mask Network) / Yudai Suzuki (Fracton Ventures) / Yu Ayato (BlockchainPROseed / Moderator)
07.15 am - 07.25 pm
Ending Talk
Speaker: Mai Fujimoto (MissBitcoin)