Amelie Wu

Co-founder & CMO of MetaOasis

Personal Information

Amelie set out the journey from China Mobile International Limited as Government & Enterprises General Manager of Business Development. She is involved in Blockchain projects since 2017. She is an elite in Blockchain R&D, Operating & Marketing strategy, Brand Promotion, Press Release, Business Training and Branded Business Strategy Development. Marketing of ICO platform in Singapore Blockchain Network. At the same time, she is the Blockchain Sandbox Member engaged in many business developments. CMO at BitcoinDiamond. Dealing with overseas digital strategy and PR and GLOBAL OPERATIONS and actively work on improvement for the project. In 2021, she co-founded MetaOasis and takes in charge of chief marketing. She pioneers MetaOasis in all respects with many achievements. Like the winner of Metaverse Hackathon Gamefi Track and Avalanche Asia Hackathon. And its NFT is hot stuff. Now, MetaOasis is committed to building a top-ranking publishing platform for Web3 games and helping connect players and developers more closely.