Alexander Shin

Founder of Shinlabs

Personal Information

ShinLabs is a collective of crypto builders, thinkers, degenerates and investors (they are often the same) venturing across the frontier of new internet primitives. We’ve invested in over 50 teams collectively and have served as founders, early employees and advisors to some of the most impactful firms and protocols in our category. Our mission is to support world changing founders from exploration, execution, all the way to expansion. Alex Shin is founder and core contributor at shinlabs. In 2017, he cofounded Hashed which today is one of the largest crypto venture capital, accelerator and company builder in Asia. He organized Korea Blockchain Week, San Francisco Blockchain Week and had held numerous venture partner and advisor roles at foundational projects/firms in our category — Arrington Capital, Solana, Ava Labs, DSRV, Republic Crypto, Sui Foundation and most recently SamsungNEXT.