Minoru Yanai

Non Fungible Tokyo Founder / Minto Inc. Senior BD
Minto Inc.

Personal Information

He has experience as a director of mobile content services and launching new services, at Zappallas, and as a mobile producer and sales representative for the advertising business at Infoseek. Also launched the largest mobile comic service “Manga-Okoku” (Beegle, TSE1) He was involved in game publishing and business partnerships with overseas mobile advertising platforms. Currently, at Minto Inc., his role is business development to produce Japanese IP in the Metaverse world, focusing on the development of new Web3 and Metaverse properties such as The Sandbox. He has been involved as a core member of Japan’s biggest NFT conference called Non-Fungible Tokyo (NFTokyo) and Japan Blockchain Week. He has been involved as an advisor and supporting several different projects, such as Gensokishi, MetaOasis, OpenBlox, Flash, MetaSolare, Made for Gamers and so on.