Vanessa Kuang

Partnership Director of Binance NFT

Speeches by Vanessa Kuang

[DAY 2]
05:50 pm - 06:20 pm
Theme: What NFT will make the social impact happen

Personal Information

Vanessa is a partnership director of Binance NFT, connecting top brands and content creators with the crypto world and empowering creativity via Binance NFT solutions. Before Binance NFT, Vanessa was project director of Binance Charity, and landed global disaster relief programs, including “Crypto Against COVID” which supports 1 million front-line healthcare workers fighting against COVID in 26 countries. Vanessa is one of the initiators of “NFT for Good” program which aims at converting creativity into a real drive of sustainable development.

Vanessa graduated from Tsinghua and Yale University with strong experience both in commercial strategy and international development. Before joining Binance, she was in the global management training program and served as commercial strategist for Anheuser BuschInBev.

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