Shumpei Kumagai

NEXON Co., Ltd. (Global HQ), Director of New Business & Corporate Development

Speeches by Shumpei Kumagai

[DAY 1]
04:35 pm - 05:05 pm
Theme: How game IP and the NFT are changing the future

Personal Information

As New Business Development and Corporate Development Director leads NEXON’s new business development efforts as well as strategic investment (investments and M&A) initiatives in Japan.
Prior to NEXON, Nexon, previously worked at Ernst&Young ShinNihon as a financial auditor, at GCA as an M&A advisor, at Goldman Sachs as an equity analyst. As Director of Development joined NASDAQ listed Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s Japan entity (Melco Japan) for the start-up of the business.
I Graduated from Keio University with a Major in Environmental Information.

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