Speeches by Yasuhiro Nakano

[DAY 1]
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
Theme: Fresh Crypto Artist talk session

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・Nakano Design Co. President

I have been working as a director of TV animation and TV commercials at a major publishing venture company. Now, I devoted myself to my art activities, which I have been doing for many years. I am also running my own production company. I have been creating “moving black ink paintings” since 2010. In order to express me, I use “traditional Japanese black ink”, an originally developed “application”, and “3DCG” using my animation skills. I am challenging to create a new value by giving a permanent existence value as a “thing” to the temporary existence of “video”. My NFT artworks are an expression of the “invisible”, and it is also a work that is conscious of the fact that it is “always there”. I am aiming to create a unique way of expression that combines both the online and real-world by working with my NFT art and the application I have developed.

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